So, a month-ish ago, I was confirmed as going to Italy for the World Championships in May! Snoogins! Very very happy with that. Really happy. People who know me know that this is something very valuable to me, and how much I still want it.

The quest for the WKC did, of course, start ages ago, in the second half of last year. With only three months to go though, practise, of course, is very different. I’ve limited right down my range of practised techniques, I’m beginning to ramp up the intensity, and generally, trying to live as much kendo as possible, be that watching kendo DVD’s while ironing (I’m dead domesticated, me! I even poop in the toilet!) to doing suburi outside in the freezing cold on days when I can’t go to keiko. I’m also continuing on the head-in-right-place plan given to me by the man with the arrows too. All good.

I’ve also drilled my focus points down to 6 points that I am now going to keep on in my keiko from now until May. They are not anything super secret or special, but actually the result of keeping an analytical keiko diary of most of my regular practises, picking the key and consistent parts, and working that into my practise regime. Get me, actually thinking about my keiko! A far cry away from the days of meat poo and doing kakarigeiko with tree trunks.

Down side? Money and time, as always! I’ve got loads to buy still (shinai, small bits and bobs, some speakers for my iPhone, a plane ticket to Italy….!) and time is killing me too. I’ve got close to bugger all days off left at work too…..ack!

But good news is…..I am totally loving kendo right now. I’m definitely on the up and up in keiko, everything is working very well, and I have some extremely supportive sensei around me at the moment too.

Things is looking mighty rosey. Just got to make sure that the focus points bear fruit in 3 months….