You know when you find that one in a million job, that one that you actually WANT to do, for a company that you WANT to work for, that you see something special in…….well….I just applied for it (I hope my boss isn’t reading this!!!) Not only that, but they contacted me first! Score one for me! 🙂

How much do I really want this job at this company? I was fantasizing about it for most of Saturday and Sunday…. I’m STILL thinking about it…

I went to an introductory seminar on Friday after my current job finished, and sat through an hour of the best intro I think I’ve ever had the pleasure to, and left thinking two things:

“Dear god, I really want to work there.”


“I’ve got to re-write my Japanese resume, and I haven’t done that in over 4 years…”

So, any how, I’ve applied (and noticed a spelling mistake in my cover letter about 4 seconds after sending it……dam you assuming-that-it’s-underlining-an-American-spelling-when-it’s-actually-just-me! I guess we just sit and wait. Even just the fact that they contacted me, and then the act of applying for the job has me grinning like a little boy, though. After the intro seminar I went home and jabbered to my wife about it for 30 minutes as well, just so that she knew too.

(I can’t believe how much I actually want this. I haven’t wanted a job this much since I was 17…… and I could sleep on Saturday night after I sent my resume off…..I’m so childish!)

I feel young again!

And, as a result of this (because I was still in a flying mood yesterday afternoon) practise at the ‘kan on Sunday afternoon was just awesome! I got an awesome tsuki on a guy who was DUCKING to get out of the way. Figure that one out, it’s as weird as it sounds.