Another day, another new year! And another tired Gibbo.

A little radio silence, for the best part of a month, but that’s mostly because work has been a total bugger recently. Not fixed, but sod it, it’ll be sorted soon. I hope….

Anyway, kendo wise, things have been good for the last month. Following on from the last post about grip, I’ve also confirmed to myself that I’m a chubby chaser. That doesn’t mean pulling fat chicks at your local discotheque (unless that’s your sort of thing….) but the size of shinai. I’d been fooling around with a couple of 28mm handles, which ended up just throwing me off. I changed back to full fat, and the gold flowed freely! I’m never going to make that mistake again. Broom handles for the win!

So onward to the new year. First, I’m taking a much needed family week, which just means not doing kendo until saturday. I can live with that.

Forward from that, although the team is still to be announced, I need to get my regime started in the hope that I get picked for the GB team for the World Championships this year in Italy. Thanks to the help from Alistair that I had last year sorting out a number of things about my mental approach, I’ve gone as far as to write up a check list of things to do, and also a time line for my general practise. We start of January consolidating my waza, so purely practising the techniques I want to take to Italy, and nothing else. We also develop my game plans. These are basically set, and revolve around the techniques I’m taking (but I’ve given myself a range of techniques to go for so that I have options that are roughly similar at each stage of my shiai plan).

After this, I begin ramping up the intensity in February, and pushing myself towards generally harder practise, and a focus on controlling the guy in front and taking points.

By April, this will have been going great guns for 2 months, so we keep it going focussing on sharpening up the techniques that are most likely to get points. And of course, keep on getting those points!

May, is a bit of polish, a little bit of an attempt to relax before the big event, and then off we go!

Nice and easy. Well, not easy, and likely not nice, but you know what I mean!